Google Adsense program and  guide

How To participate in the Google AdSense program and get approved Easley

Guys,  Every Blogger wants to create a site or blog and want to link Adsense to their website. for earn money by Google AdSense through his site, 

Google AdSense is one of the most profitable ways to make money from the blog. 

In the beginning, you need to follow some conditions and avoid falling into what Google forbids to link your site to Google AdSense.

This article will teach you how to earn money from Blogger by Google AdSense program.

What is Google AdSense?  About Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a service that Google provides to the owners of websites and YouTube channels, through which it allows them to display ads on their sites or channels on YouTube. 

The profits are shared between Google and the content creator, and each takes a percentage of the advertising revenue. 

 What percentage of advertising profits do you get from Google AdSense?

The content creator gets 68% of the advertising revenue that results from the advertisements' income displayed on his site.

It is worth clarifying that you can see the percentage that you get from Google AdSense through your account, and also this percentage differs from the AdSense accounts of YouTube channels. After we got to know Google AdSense, let's get to know the conditions for accepting your site in Google AdSense.

Google says on the AdSense help page: To participate in the AdSense program, you need to meet our eligibility requirements.  To participate in the AdSense program, you must meet the eligibility requirements.

Thus, as Google says, there are some conditions for your site to be accepted into the Google AdSense program. Read Full Google Policies

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Terms and Conditions for accepting your site in Google Adsense program:

First thing you must own the site you are applying for,

Google AdSense is a service that Google provides to the owners of websites and YouTube channels, through which it allows them to display ads on their sites or channels on YouTube.

Google says: You must have access to the HTML source code for your website to use AdSense. You should be able to place the AdSense code between two tags <head>on your pages. Or If you register using a website that you do not own (such as, we will not verify that you are the website owner and will not activate your account as a result.

Thus, you must have access to the HTML to be able to put Google Adsense codes on your site.

But do not worry, most CMS content management platforms such as Blogger or WordPress allow you to access your website blog's HTML file.  

Your content should be unique, and you should be the owner of the content you publish on your site.

Your content should be personalized, high quality, and engaging. You have to write content that your author, and there are searches for this content, As visitors come to you from it.

Ask Yourself  Do you have unique and exciting content? Before applying for Adsense.

Your content must be high-quality, original, and attractive to the audience.

Google says above that you must have high-quality content and emphasize that your content must be different and not duplicated.

Make sure to stay away from prohibited content that violates Google Adsense.

Some types and topics prevent Google Adsense from writing content creators, such as Penetration and pornography topics And other prohibited topics.

From here, you can learn about the forms of prohibited and violating Adsense content. 

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Using pictures of yourself or from your own, or images without rights.

Always try to stay away from images that you do not have the right to, design your pictures, or search for images without rights. As I said previously, Google wants your unique content, and it is important not to use any images or content that you do not have the right to repost. 

You should rights-free images. You can use one of these sites, and I recommend Pexels for you.

Simple note: Using YouTube videos and uploading them to your blog is not contrary to Adsense, as you are using the Iframe feature. 

Some pages must be on your site.

There are some pages that Google requires to be present on your site to be accepted into the Google Adsense program, 

Such as:


About Us page. 

 The about us the page is an important page in which you must introduce the people who own the site and its purpose and direction.

Contact Us page.

Contact us page the pages that should be located on each side, visitors or companies can communicate with you.

Privacy Policy page.

privacy policy mandatory for Google AdSense

The privacy policy page in which you must clarify that some advertising companies use it, such as Google AdSense, uses user data to display ads.

Tip - Don't Know How To Make One,  Copy Our Privacy Policy Page 

A stylish and simple design should distinguish your site.

You must have a distinctive and simple design for your site, be sure to choose a great web designer to design your site or buy a ready-made template that works for your blog. 

Google says that your site must be easy to deal with by the user and easy to navigate for various pages.

Google says that your site's main menu or sections must be organized and easy to move between the various sections and compatible with all devices like android phones, tablets, etc..

Are your pages clear and easy to use? A navigation bar (or menu bar) that is easy to access and use is essential in providing good user experience.

Your site contains a sufficient and acceptable number of articles to be accepted into Google Adsense.

For Google to review your site, you must publish a sufficient number of high-quality articles, free of errors, and compatible with the terms of SEO.

A certain number of articles is not required. Just write and publish many articles before applying to join the Google AdSense program.

for  example, you should write at least  30 high quality articles according to niche of your website before applying for AdSense

These were most of the obvious things that you must follow for your site to be accepted in Google AdSense; below, I will share some tips and secrets,

Some tips for your site in the Google AdSense program, the secrets of getting approve in AdSense:

Make sure your blog is configured for Blogger blog and  Blogger blog for search engines first. 

Some important settings for accepting blogger blog in Google Adsense

Create a blogger blog for search engines and add meta tag codes.

Read here how to create a blogger blog for search engines. From here, add the important meta codes to the Blogger blog.

Speed ​​up a blogger blog, or choose a quick blogger template

As we mentioned earlier, Google prefers preferred fast sites because users love fast sites, and having fast sites also a signal of ranking. Therefore, choosing a fast blogger template is important, whether in accepting your site in AdSense or even issuing search results. 

Visit this guide if you want to speed up the Blogger blog template.

Is the free blogger domain name accepted in Google AdSense .BlogSpot?

Will Google AdSense approve domain?
Can I get Adsense approval for domain?

I don't know why this question is repeated over and over. The short answer to this question is "yes," 

and there are many acceptable sites in Adsense with the free Blogger domain. 

What is the site to express the number of visitors to accept any site in Google Adsense?

The surprising answer is that the number of visitors is not necessary for admission to the AdSense program, even if my site was accepted in Adsense after only 8 days after submitting it. My second site gets approved 3 in days after buying a new domain. I did not have a good number of visitors at the time.

There is no doubt that if you have many visitors, this will help considerably in the admission process's speed in Adsense. Solve the problem that your site is not available when applying for Google Adsense.

Often some people encounter this error when submitting their site to Google Adsense, and this message appears to them. The site is down or not available. 

We found that your website was down or unavailable. 

We suggest you review your request to see if the URL you submitted is misspelled. And when your site is up and running, you can re-submit the request. We will be pleased to make another review of your order.

And the solution to this problem lies in doing several things to ensure that your site is disabled or unavailable :

The problem is usually in the robot file Robots.txt, which prevents Google bots from archiving your site and doing indexing, thus checking if your site complies with the terms of Adsense or not!

Tip- You Should Use Blogger`s default robots.txt for getting approve without errors 

The most common mistake is that most bloggers stop the indexing process for the labels pages, and therefore Google cannot Index these pages, which turns out an error.

The solution is to add a valid robot file as I do in my blog, 

And sometimes, the problem is in not redirecting the domain address from non-www to www, so make sure to activate this option in the Blogger blog. 

Learn-: How to add a valid robot file to the Blogger blog.

Final note: 

I wish everyone success and acceptance in the Google AdSense program. I will try my best to give tips for your success as a blogger first focuses on your content, not writing old content, writing new content that can solve our users' problems. 

Update your old content, and after that. do SEO On Your Website


I have a question for you, Every blogger want AdSense for earning money; if you  are not getting views on-site, why you should need AdSense, so first focus on your content,

Join me for getting tips like that. If you are facing any problem, feel free to ask me, I will definitely answer you, Take Care.😊