how to stop plagiarism and stop stealing your content

Hi, Guys, I Come back with A new "solution."

Guys, do you run a website?"

If you don't like someone to copy your precious content.

I know nobody will like it,

So, today I come with a method that will make it a bit harder for people to steal(copy) your content from your blogger website.

so, let`s get started, 

how to easily stop people from copying text from your blogger website

Guys, nowadays, writing a unique tech post is very difficult; you have to invest too much time to create unique and well-written content; it is very frustrating to find that your content gets stolen and used without permission. 

For websites, it is too hard to stop them because we have limited features and no plugins, so we can only create HTML codes for stoping any problem or any additional feature.

No problem, Guys, I will always be there to help you.

This tool turns off your mouse's right-click on your site.

 Method of installation

  •  Head to the template and then edit the HTML Code. Look for </body> and place the following code above it.

<script src=' Right Click.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

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Final note: 

I wish everyone success. I will try my best to give tips for your success as a blogger, 


Join me for getting tips like that. If you face any problem, please ask me, I will definitely answer you; take care.😊